Technical and medical staff

Romain Poite

International Rugby Referee

As an International Rugby referee, I have been using VEINOPLUS SPORT since a few months, after and also before a game! I use it within 2 hours before the kick-off, and it gives me a real well-being sensation, as my legs do not become heavy. No matter the game's level, it is very useful, particularly during the Six Nations Tournament, which was physically demanding for the players...and the referees! After the games, I saw a real improvement in my recovery process. Sincerely,  this device is efficient, while being extremely simple!"

Sebastien Lebris

Physiotherapist, Field hockey French Team

Veinoplus Sport is used when French team players gather. During this time, players use it daily for recovery. They also use it systematically after matches, and I applied it on heamatomas this summer. So I can say that we use Veinoplus Sport very regularly !"

Sylvain Curinier

Trainer of Tony Estanguet and Emilie Fer (Canoe-Kayak)

We used Veinoplus Sport during London Olympic Games preparation. The key point was to improve the recovery velocity after the training session on the Olympics water stadium, which was physically-demanding. We also used it  between semi-finals games and final games, because it can be applied during video analysis. Veinoplus Sport is user-friendly and convenient, it can be combined with the other recovery modalities we use to speed up recovery. Today, it is always in our baggage for stages and contests."

Thibaut Trameau

Physical Trainer of French Skiing Team

"As a physical trainer, I try to optimize the athelte's training and monitoring. Our training conditions are very difficult due to long travels and the competion's calendar which is very busy during winter season.

I ask the athletes to Veinoplus Sport during :

- Training periods (June to October) in order to better take in the important physical and technical workloads. 
- Contests (November to April), as we travel all around the world (Argentina, United States, Finland and the rest of Europe) by car or plane.

We also apply Veinoplus Sport between two runs of a race, in order to elimintate the lactic acid faster. 

We can say that this device is part of our useful tools, used daily by the athletes of the French team!"

Vincent Marie

Physiotherapist, Le Havre Athletic Club Football (2006 - 2013)

During the last season of French League 2, in agreement with the trainer, I used the device during half-time (4 to 9 minutes). It enabled the players to start the second half-time in better conditions, to extend their effort and avoid cramps, at the end of the game and during the transports. I highly recommend the use of Veinoplus Sport for its physiological effects on the player's recovery. »

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