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How does VEINOPLUS® Sport work ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport is neuromuscular electro-stimulator in conformity with the European Directive 94/42/EEC concerning Medical Devices (CE class IIa) which delivers electrical impulses of low frequency and low intensity.

Is VEINOPLUS® Sport technology safe ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport is one of the safest existing electro-stimulators; it complies with the most stringent standard in electro-stimulation established by the US standard (/AAMI/ANSI NS-4 1986/2002. It delivers to the body a very low quantity of energy and enables to use only two electrodes where most of stimulators need four electrodes our more.

What are the contra-indications of VEINOPLUS® Sport ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport must not be used by persons with implanted cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators. Please refer to Instruction Manual for warnings.

Is VEINOPLUS® Sport efficacy evidence-based ?

Two clinical studies made in France with INSEP (French Institute for Sport and Performance) have shown the efficacy of VEINOPLUS® Sport on sport recovery and restoration of performance.

Why using VEINOPLUS® Sport in sport recovery ?

Thanks to its optimized signal VEINOPLUS® Sport provides you with a unique solution for a good recovery after your effort and this whatever the type of sport during training or competition.

Is VEINOPLUS® Sport being used for recovery in international competitions ?

Absolutely, despite being very new the VEINOPLUS® Sport technology is already used by a lot of top athletes for their recovery in international competitions (European Championships, World Championships, London games etc).

Why making a difference between “global” recovery and “local ” recovery ?

The “Global” recovery is a “systemic” recovery aiming to eliminate or transform lactates produced during exercise whereas a “local” recovery aims more specifically the muscles which have been involved during exercise and which have accumulated fatigue. When electrodes are positioned on the calves (ie the Second Heart®) VEINOPLUS® Sport enables a very effective “global recovery” which is equivalent in tests to an active recovery at about 30% VO2 max.
After an exercise which needs lower limbs (like cycling, running)  the VEINOPLUS® Sport recovery combines the advantages of a “global” recovery accelerating the elimination of lactates and those of a “local” recovery bringing blood with oxygen to the muscles which have been involved in the activity and improving venous return of these muscles.

Can VEINOPLUS® Sport exempt you from an active recovery ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport can be an easy alternative to active recovery when the latter is not possible, but effects can vary according to the sports, the type and the length of the tests. In addition VEINOPLUS® Sport will allow a recovery without using your reserves in glycogen.

When to use VEINOPLUS® Sport ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport can be used in all sports generating lactic acid, a muscular fatigue and also in sports with leading to a significant venous stasis due to a long standing position. VEINOPLUS® Sport is also especially recommended during transport when legs are immobilized in sitting position (trips in bus train, plane).

Why to use VEINOPLUS® Sport versus other recovery methods ?

A good recovery shall encompass several techniques depending upon the effort which has been made and the time available for recovery including: hydration, food, electro-stimulation with VEINOPLUS® Sport, stretching, massages, immersion, compression, rest etc. Using VEINOPLUS® Sport is using an evidenced-based technique, with results shown in comparative tests with other methods of recovery.

Can VEINOPLUS® Sport be used during short-term recovery periods ?

Absolutely VEINOPLUS® Sport will enable an acceleration of the recovery and a diminution of the risk of cramps. VEINOPLUS® Sport is used during half-time eg in football matches by French teams of the French Leagues 1&2.

Can VEINOPLUS® Sport be used in a subject with metallic implants ?

There is no contra-indication to use VEINOPLUS® Sport in persons with metallic implants.

Which batteries to use ?

Use only alkaline or rechargeable 9V batteries type 6LR61 (or equivalent e.g. 6LF22, AM6, MN1604).

When to replace the electrodes ?

Used electrodes shall be replaced as soon as have dried up or do not stick any more, generally after 20 or 30 uses.