Muriel Hurtis

Muriel Hurtis

French national team of athletics

 « I often use Veinoplus Sport on calves for a whole-body recovery. Sometimes, I use it on hamstrings, when I feel muscle soreness, and it really helps me a lot.»

«  Every evening, after my training session, I use Veinoplus Sport for a better recovery. I accelerates my recovery and I can perform better at training. »

« During contests, I use the device while travelling, before a race or between two events. It improves my muscles' oxygenation and helps me feel better.»

Gévrise Emane

French national team of Judo

Veinoplus Sport enables me to recover better, especially on the lower limbs. I have to loose weight for contests so I run regularly. When jogging and training sessions are in a row, it causes an overload on my legs. Using Veinoplus Sport right after the effort leads to an optimal recovery..

It is efficient on forearms, which is highly requested in Judo. The action of arms is important  (extension, traction, isometrics, contraction) and the power struggle against the opponent is such that arms and forearms are quickly saturated.

Recovery is crucial for a top athlete... So Veinoplus Sport is essential!

I use it during each competition and also during training sessions.

benoit holzerny

Benoit Holzerny


"With VeinoPlus Sport, I have discovered a very efficient electro stimulation method!

Easy-to-use, convenient to carry and very efficient,  VeinoPlus Sport has become essential during my travels. During a 3 weeks coaching training , I used VeinoPlus Sport mostly on the calves in the afternoon, in order to recover from my personal training and my physical training activities in the morning.

VeinoPlus Sport enabled me to better assimilate those training sessions and to optimize my recovery, despite the hot weather, the sandy paths and the roads.

The next steps of my preparation: 2-3 weeks in the mountains, where VeinoPlus Sport will be my recovery partner!! I will update my testimonial about the use of the device duiring more intense training sessions."


Christophe Jallet- PSG

Christophe Jallet

2012/2013: French League 1 Champion, Champions League: Quarter Finals 2013

I use Veinoplus since two seasons, to recover after the matches or the trainings. Easy to use and to carry, it allows me to recover faster, while remaining seated, for example during coach travels. I start to feel its benefits since a few minutes of use.
Its little extra : Veinoplus is very effective to relieve painful areas after a kick! »

Steeve Guénot-Equipe de France de Lutte

Steeve Guenot

French national team of wrestling

Veinoplus Sport helps me recover during the training. I use it on my legs and sometimes on my arms after heavy sessions to recover locally on these muscles (biceps, forearms ...) I apply it immediately after training and once in the evening at home, while watching a movie. The Veinoplus has a real recovery effect; I feel more relaxed and light. I use it while traveling as well in order to avoid the feeling of heavy legs. »

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