Technical and medical staff

Aurélien Gauthier

Football - ESTAC

I frequently use Veinoplus in professional football players. I often use it when players have an external muscular trauma: this devices enables to drain the consecutive edema. Veinoplus is also useful for relieving of joint effusion : when placing the electrode on the muscular group, the affected joint is drained. I also recommend it to improve venous return and achiecve a better recovery after the games, during car travelling or flights.  It a an efficient device with strong draining effect, and it is very easy-to-use.

François During


Canoe Kayak - Flatwater - French Team

Following the studies carried out by INSEP, I started using Veinoplus Sport for recovery in athletes after "lactic" workouts. Quickly, they have been convinced by the device's benefits for recovery. Today, most of the French team's paddlers use Veinoplus sport after intense trainings or between races during international events. They use it on calves for a "whole-body" recovery and sometimes on upper limbs for a "local" recovery.


Nicolas Boisson

Trainer /  Project BTWIN U19 Racing Team Manager

"I discovered Veinoplus technology when I was a cyclist, and I was convinced from the start. Very small, you can use it in a car, on a plane, in front of your computer or your TV. The single program of this device is a strong point, as it is really easy-to-use yet efficient. Applied on calves or tights, you will optimize your recovery after a training or a contest. Veinoplus Sport also gives you a sensation similar to massage, which is important  for thepsychological aspect. Today, as I am a trainer, I highly recommend Veinoplus Sport to my cyclists, because I think it is a very useful tool that you must have in your bag at anytime."

Pascal Gohier

Physiotherapist, French Basketball Team

Since two years, French Basketball Team men players could benefit from Veinoplus Sport, especially during the 2013 Euro campaign. Thanks to its simplicity of use, we gave one device to each player, since the preparation until the end of the competion in Slovenia.

In general, Veinoplus was applied at the end of the day, during recovery sessions. During the preparation phase, Veinoplus recovery was proposed after the two daily training sessions, along with massages and cryotherapy. During the competition phase, we have associated it with other rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques, in order to treat several muscular pathologies, myofascial lesions, contusions...and increase the venous return.

Simplicity of use, rapidity of action and strong effects of the device should enable us to use it for other situations than rehabilitation during the next competitions. We are thinking about using it on the most active players at half-times.

To conclude, Veinoplus Sport is recognized as an true asset for top-athletes physiotherapy »

Patrice Mourier

Wrestling - French Team

I recommend using Veinoplus in several situations : between trainings, during competitions AND during transport. At our first preparation stage in Cuba, I asked my team to use Veinoplus during the flight, in order to efficiently start the workout as soon as the arrival. They were also told to use it immediately after trainging sessions and in the evening. I saw a real efficiency in recovery. This device is really useful during the diet period, two weeks before the competition. It is a physically-demanding period, and Veinoplus helps the wrestlers to recover better."

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