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Second Heart or Peripheral Heart :

Calf muscles act like a peripheral heart when contracting : they activate venous blood propulsion towards the heart and increase arterial inflow in the lower limbs. This pumping action of calf muscles is very similar to the heart pumping action.

The muscular calf-pump can be activated by physical activity (walking, running…) but also by a targeted electro-stimulation by Veinoplus® Sport.

Venous return :

Veins carry oxygen-low blood from the body periphery to heart and lungs, where it is re-oxygenated. Veins are the reservoir for heart-pump.

Venous return is mainly operated by the contractions of calves, which squeeze the veins in order to expel the venous blood towards the heart.

Arterial inflow :

When calf-pump is activated, arterial inflow towards lower limbs is increased, due to several physiological mechanisms. This arterial blood comes from the heart and is rich in oxygen and nutrients.

Lactate elimination :

Muscular contractions produce metabolites. These molecules (mainly lactates) have been identified as a limiting factor of fibers contraction, when accumulated in the muscle. Thus, it is essential to evacuate lactate during the recovery period.

Lactate produced by muscle is mainly recycled in liver, where it is transformed in Glucose. Glucose produced can be used again by the muscle (lactate cycle).

Veinoplus® Sport accelerates blood lactate elimination, leading to a better muscular recovery.

Glycogen stock refilling :

After an exercise, muscles stock of energy (glycogen) are depleted. The refilling of these stocks can be slowed by another muscle activity, for example during active recovery.

Veinoplus® Sport recovery is similar to a resting situation (low muscular activity), because muscle contracts but use very little (not significant) oxygen. Thus, the glycogen stock refilling is not impaired.

Passive recovery :

Muscular resting, stretching.

Active recovery :

Moderate muscular activity (example: pedaling at 30% of maximal aerobic power).

Veinoplus® Sport recovery :

Unique method of electro-stimulation of muscles combining the advantages of active recovery without its technical constraints (eg: equipment), and induced muscular fatigue.

Global recovery or whole-body recovery :

Systemic recovery process operated mainly by means of the calf-pump muscle (your Second-Heart®) activation. Veinoplus® Sport enables an acceleration of the whole-body recovery when the stimulation is applied on calves.

Local recovery :

Recovery process concerning specific muscles involved in the activity. Veinoplus® Sport helps to decrease local muscular fatigue and soreness, can prevent cramps, and reduce swelling and hematomas, when the stimulation is applied on muscles specifically involved in the activity.