Abstract (Handball study)

Abstract (Handball study)

Comparison of three recovery mothods (passive, active and Veinoplus Sport): effects on eprformance and the associated biological parameters 

F. Bieuzen, C. Hausswirth, INSEP – Research Department, France

Purpose:  The aim of this study is to compare the effectiveness of a new blood flow stimulator (BFSTIM) to active and passive recovery methods during a short-term recovery period between two exhausting exercises of short duration.

Methods: Fourteen highly trained women handball players completed two successive Yo-Yo intermittent recovery tests (level 2; YYIR2) interspaced by a 15 min recovery period during which they used one of the three recovery modalities presented in a random order (Active, BFSTIM or Passive). Performance (Distance achieved) were measured at the end of each YYIR2 test. Blood lactate, pH and bicarbonates ions concentrations were measured before and immediately after the first YYIR2 test and every three minutes during the recovery. Heart rate, respiratory gas exchange and tissue saturation index (%TSI) of the lateral gastrocnemius were continuously recorded during the recovery phase.

Results: In comparison to passive recovery, we observed a “very likely” beneficial effect with BFSTIM (13% ± 7.8%; ± 90% confidence limits) and a “possible” beneficial effect with active recovery (4% ± 9%) on performance restoration. Blood samples showed that values were significantly lower for the blood lactate and higher for bicarbonates ions and pH than the Passive recovery condition as soon as the 9th minute with active recovery and as soon as the 12th minute for the BFSTIM recovery modality (P < .05). Whereas %TSI was continuously lower, heart rate and oxygen uptake were higher with active recovery in comparison to the two others modalities.

Conclusion: The results suggest that blood flow stimulation from Veinoplus device and, in a lesser extent, active recovery are effective interventions to improve short-term recovery between two exhaustive exercises and could be useful during half-time.