Pascal Gohier

Since two years, French Basketball Team men players could benefit from Veinoplus Sport, especially during the 2013 Euro campaign. Thanks to its simplicity of use, we gave one device to each player, since the preparation until the end of the competion in Slovenia.

In general, Veinoplus was applied at the end of the day, during recovery sessions. During the preparation phase, Veinoplus recovery was proposed after the two daily training sessions, along with massages and cryotherapy. During the competition phase, we have associated it with other rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques, in order to treat several muscular pathologies, myofascial lesions, contusions…and increase the venous return.

Simplicity of use, rapidity of action and strong effects of the device should enable us to use it for other situations than rehabilitation during the next competitions. We are thinking about using it on the most active players at half-times.

To conclude, Veinoplus Sport is recognized as an true asset for top-athletes physiotherapy »