Our clinical studies

Our clinical studies

Our clinical studies were carried out by INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Performance and Expertise)  (Research Department) in highly trained players.

Recovery After High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise in Elite Soccer Players Using VEINOPLUS Sport Technology for Blood-Flow Stimulation

Conclusions of the study:

The group who recovered with Veinoplus Sport had better results on performances mesured 1 hour after exercise in comparison with the passive-recovery group. That is to say, compared with passive recovery, electric stimulation using Veinoplus Sport improved anaerobic performance at 1 hour postintervention.

The authors concluded that these responses may be considered beneficial for athletes engaged in sports with successive rounds interspersed with short, passive recovery periods.

Full abstract (football study)

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Effects of Veinoplus stimulation, passive and active recovery methods on short-term repeated performance in highly trained players

Conclusions of the study:

In comparison to passive recovery, a beneficial effect with Veinoplus was observed on performance restoration.  Veinoplus recovery modality clearly showed a faster return to initial values of blood lactate and pH during the recovery period, compared to passive recovery.

The authors concluded that blood flow stimulation from Veinoplus device is an effective intervention to improve short-term recovery between two exhaustive exercises and could be useful during half-time.

>Full abstract (handball study)