What you should know

Physiological effects of recovery

Whole-body recovery is permitted by your Peripheral heart’s activation  : calf-muscle pump.

Applied on calves, Veinoplus Sport activates muscles’ contractions with and very small consumption of oxygen (no muscular fatigue). Thus, you can benefit from active recovery effects,  while sitting quietly.
You benefit from a fast and efficient recovery; without the drawbacks of active recovery :

Veinoplus Sport increases veinous return (blood poor in O2) and arterial inflow (blood rich in O2 and nutrients)

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Graph 1 : Flux sanguin (artère jumelle) durant la stimulation

Veinoplus Port accelerates elimination of metabolites (lactate) produced by muscles during an effort

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Chart 2 : Elimination of lactate depending on recovery modality

Veinoplus Sport promotes a faster return of pH to initial level (homeostasis).

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Chart 3 : Evolution of blood pHdepending on recovery modality